Laser Safety Blinds.

Lasermet Laser Blocking Roller Blinds

Protect Your Employees and Third Parties from Stray Laser Radiation




















Chain operated encapsulated laser blocking roller blind


Chain operated encapsulated laser blocking roller blind

Most Class 4 and many Class 3B lasers present an eye hazard over very long distances and it is therefore imperative to have comprehensive laser safety protection in place wherever they are present.

Laser radiation must be prevented from escaping through the windows of laboratories and production facilities. Ordinary curtains or screens are rarely capable of stopping a laser beam and specially-designed blocking products are required.

Lasermet's laser blocking roller blinds are designed as a passive guarding system to block laser light from escaping the theatre, laboratory or laser facility where Class 3B or Class 4 lasers are in use, either to protect against accidental exposure to the laser beam or for long term blocking of laser radiation at lower power densities.

The blinds are fitted to cover windows (and to doors where there is a window built into the door), and there are options to suit the application.

For Lasermet’s encapsulated laser blocking roller blinds the options are as follows:-

  • The blinds can be operated manually by chain or crank handle.

  • Alternatively, the motorised version (24V AC or 230 VAC for larger blinds) can be operated by remote control – either wireless or hard-wired.



Encapsulated Laser Blocking Roller Blind










Encapsulated laser safety roller blinds are made using Lasermet’s specially developed laser blocking material, branded as “Orca” laser blocking material. The blind is built into a white finish aluminium frame, which encapsulates the top, both edges and bottom of the blind. This eliminates any possibility of laser beams passing round the sides of the blind, blocks out all direct light and provides a neat finish.


The Orca material used for the roller blinds has been specially developed by Lasermet. All Lasermet laser-blocking products are CE marked and certified to EN 60825-4 (Safety of Laser Products Part 4: Laser Guards).

It is vital to customers that the roller blinds are certified and the material has been tested to the relevant laser safety standards. If non-compliant material were to be used - for example - untested, uncertified sun blocking material, this may have the potential to allow laser beams to penetrate the blind and consequently may cause harm to personnel and/or equipment.



















Encapsulated motorised laser blocking roller blind in recess



















The same encapsulated motorised laser blocking roller blind partially open in recess



















Encapsulated chain operated laser blocking roller blind covering windows on doors at a London University













Interlocked laser blocking roller blinds














The same roller blind partially closed

















Encapsulated laser blocking roller blind – fully open

















Door height laser roller blinds